Let's Play!

Marvelous Mah Jongg's innovative, ALTERNATIVE American Mah Jongg cards were designed and developed by a player and teacher who has created a challenging alternative to the other annual cards.

Marvelous Mah Jongg cards are released annually in January. They offer more hands, increased ability to "move around the card", with varied playable combinations.

They are  based on NMJL rules using 8 Flowers and 8 Jokers and have been widely played - receiving rave reviews.

Beautifully designed, easy to read and laminated!


NORTH: "Revolutionary Mah Jongg....finally!"  L. Lou; Portland, OR


EAST:  "My group loves the Marvelous Card!" L. Kurtzman, M.Gray, M. Kraditor, N. Brodba and B. Brawn; NJ


WEST:  "Thank's for showing that there can be an interesting and innovative Mah Jongg card!'  S. Turner; Topeka KS


SOUTH: "Thanks so much for keeping the great ideas flowing each year!" K. Chambers; Fort Myers, FL



Please Note:  This is an independently designed card.  It follows NMJL rules, but is not affiliated with either the NMJL or the the AMJL card producers.

We are SOLD OUT of 2009, 2010 and 2011 cards.

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Ode To Mah Jongg


Tuesday's the day to gather and play

Mah Jongg's our game, we like to say

In all kinds of weather you"ll find us together

Laughing and smiling...what could be better

Not all are here certain times of the year

Gone south or west, it's the winter they fear

They left us behind, but that doesn't matter

We put on our long-johns and just look fatter

Mary's our leader, she emails us weekly

"Who's coming?" she asks ever so sweetly

We count on her to keep us in line

But we're out of control most of the time

Dorothy Ann's the place that's our meeting space

We luch and much at our very own pace

Our own little room with windows galore

Sometimes we're so many we spill out the door

12:30's the time when the tiles are racked

Next is the Charleston, now that's a fact

Right...over....left and backwards we go

The same ones come back, wouldn't you know

We all want to Mah Jongg, of course we do

But what's gone wrong? We haven"t a clue 

The wall has shown up and we're not happy

The game we love has just gotten crappy

So over we start, that's why we're here

To play with our friends, tha's very clear

To talk about life, but I needn't explain

Why we keep coming back and playing our game



Judy Lee Andersonn